Armoured cables are available in a wide range of designs and types. Finding the right type for the intended application can help you avoid costly corrections. You can use the following tips to help you choose the right armoured cable.


armored cableWhen shopping around, you will discover that the armoured cables are of different types. Each variant is designed to have unique characteristics that make it ideal for use in various applications. Nowadays, you can find companies selling a wide range of armoured cables. Ensure you choose the right cable that can complete your project. The armoured cables have slight differences when it comes to construction. The slight differences are what qualifies them or disqualifies them from use in certain applications.


Armoured cables are meant for use in external conditions. Usually, the cables are used in locations that sustain mechanical damage from pests or even contact with other objects. Thus, the inclusion of armor is important in its construction. Usually, armoured cables are ideal for applications where the protective conduit cannot be used. Where the cable is protected, a cheap unarmoured cable can be used. You will find armoured cables used as aerial cables, power cables, and control cables.

Flexibility and Crush Resistance

The fact that armoured cables are heavier as a result of the inclusion of the protective layer of aluminum or steel armor, they are difficult to bend. For instance, those with continuously welded armor are not ideal for certain applications as they cannot bend. On the other hand, armoured cables that have an interlocked armor design can be used where cable flexibility is needed. You should research to find whether the cable you want to buy is rigid or flexible as per the requirements of your project.


eco friendly armored cableThe truth is that armoured cables are more expensive than their unarmoured counterparts. They also differ in price. Also, the level of protection offered by the armor as a result of the material, its construction, and cost of the cable are important. Although cost is a vital factor when choosing an armoured cable, it is vital to note that cost should not be the only determinant.

Safety Guidelines

Legal guidelines regulate the use of armoured cables, particularly for safety purposes. Thus, it is a good idea to consult a specialist when buying a shielded cable. This is necessary to avoid serious code violations.